After a season in South Africa, Justice Locke became grieved with waking up every day to the reminder of being the minority in the spaces she lived, worked, and every other area in her life. One day, after inviting her friends consistently on Sunday’s to “study”’ her and a friend began to call the evening Black Girl Sunday. This would grow into Black Guy Sunday, and Sibling Sunday; this became a place where Black Evangelical men and women felt safe to be who we are unapologetically. Justice after much prayer and conversations thought to herself what if she could create a resource for all Black Evangelical Women that would give them this space and freedom

So she grabbed her girls and, the rest is history...

B.E.A.M was created for just that. So Black Women to come together to know who they are in the gospel, join together, and be the light in whatever spaces they currently are in. Whether that be a corporate workspace, vocational ministry, or just in the normality of a Black woman’s everyday life. We are here to give you space, freedom, and encouragement. We hope you enjoy it sis! Welcome!!



We believe that Jesus called us to Himself to unapologetically walk in His Purpose. Therefore BEAM exists to fulfill needed, liberated, and unique spaces for black evangelicals.



Beam seeks to see Christ glorified, the church united, and every person of God through faith in Christ, having the freedom to fully embrace who they are. Being encouraged to go into majority spaces. Boldly, Wonderfully, and Fearfully you!

Our Story,

Your Story,


Suh, it's YOUR turn now!