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A Day in the Life

By Jerjuanna Cecille and Aiden Willis

Hey Sis,

Here we go, another series with BEAM. We have spent the summer just celebrating and chilling. Celebrating the amazing city we are based in: Memphis, TN and writing pieces we were passionate about. We spent last spring writing about the differences and nuances of Black Women. How we couldn’t be lumped together...we’re not a monolith. So far we’ve hosted four events, written numerous blog posts and devos, and grown as a team. So here we are...what’s next.

As Jerjuanna and I prayed through about what we wanted this series to be, we kept coming around to how do we invite our readers, allies, and partners in a little more. What do we want to share about the Evangelical Black Woman. So we said why don’t we write about just that. “A Day in the Life of a Black Women. We realized to kind of learn even more why Black Women are not a monolith, you have to come into our lives and learn more about us. But, the unfortunate part of that is black women aren’t receiving the resources needed to help what our lives look like. So that’s what we hope this series can provide, from relationships, health, politics, and so much more we hope to cover all spectrums of life from a Black Woman’s perspective. We hope our blogs give you something to relate to, smile at, and real talk, a space to feel safe and known. We hope our devotionals remind you of the old school church and point you to our Savior. We hope that while in last springs series, you understood and valued how unique you were in the sight of the Lord, in this series we pray and hope you find stories/experiences that are relatable. So welcome back sis! We missed you!

--Jerjuanna and Aiden!

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