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At the Cross

By Jerjuanna Cecille

To watch a pastor in tears, a mother with her hands lifted, the church joining in a rhythm of unison that only God could orchestrate. A devotion of praise in spite of what the world has thrown their way is a worship posture we all could learn from.

Two weeks ago I sat in the church I grew up in and I watched two 90 year old women get excited about the cross! As I watched them not be as mobile as I’ve seen them before, I saw tears fall, I heard hallelujahs. Then I questioned the Lord, “How can they still get excited? Jesus they are in pain! One, has outlived her children. She had to raise them, watch them live, and then bury them! They both have lived through racism and the Jim Crow South. God, what are you doing with them? Call them to glory! This is torture, they should not be getting excited about you. They should be with you!” And with my eyes closed and the whole church worshipping to a completely different song, my heart heard these words, “at the cross at the cross, they leave it all at the cross”.

At the cross, at the cross where

I first saw the light,

And the burdens of my heart rolled away,

It was there by faith I received my sight,

And now I am happy all day

Sis, life is hard. It is complex and frustrating. It is scary being a black woman in America. The sheer thought of death is ever present because many can’t see the glory God created in you. You may be so wrapped up in your own sin that doubt has blocked you from seeing that you have been created in the Imago Dei! Failure and success may be playing tennis with your heart and you can’t wait for one to win! Those 90 year old women show us so many things.

The first one is that at the cross our burdens are rolled away. Jesus went to the cross knowing he was going to die. Christ died an unjust death so that justice could be served at the cross. So that, when the world rejects us, we will always know that Jesus thought so much of us that He laid his life down to bring us back to himself. The second thing those seasoned women can show us is that Jesus knew in our weakest of days we wouldn’t have the strength to resist our flesh or the world’s temptations so, with all power and authority Christ rolls them away.

You and I, Sis, have to go to the cross because it is there by faith in the finished work of Christ that our faith is strengthened and we receive our true sight. Then just like Mama Liger and Mama Myles we can get excited about the cross and be happy all day!

But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. Gal. 6:14

Pray with me

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