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Good Friday

By Aiden Willis

And just like that, Jesus, a man not deserving of death, hung from the cross. Mary Magdalene weeping, I often times pause at this part of the story. I try to wrap my mind around what Mary must have felt, what deep sorrow and grief. Mary never left Jesus’ side and she never lost her faith. Mary needed Jesus more than ever, and on this day, “Good Friday” I have a tiny idea of what Mary must have felt.

Today does not feel so good, my Jesus was laid to rest this day. My Jesus took my sin with him, and I nailed him to the cross. Today does not feel so good. My Jesus was murdered because of me. Today does not feel so good. Jesus while dying on that cross was mocked and scorned by people like you and I. Today does not feel so good. Jesus was buried into a tomb that should have been my grave. Today my friends does not feel so good. Today I am reminded of my sinfulness, that led a man to take on overwhelming pain and grief. On this day, Jesus had paid it all.

So if this is supposed to be “Good Friday” why doesn’t it feel good. My God reminds me well that cross and that tomb were only temporary. See in two more days Mary would return to that tomb in the same garden where Jesus prayed for this enormous cup to pass, and yet would still be submissive to the Father’s will. In two days my Jesus would not be in that tomb, He would have snatched our sins and destiny and risen to be with our Father. Jesus would be where he was supposed to be, at the right hand of God. Jesus would step out of the grave so one day, you, we, I might step out of it too.

This Friday may not feel good, but let me tell you it is good. Jesus on this day despite all of the shame, took our sins with him and BURIED them. So one day we might get to rest with him. Today is good because it is reminder that we are going to heaven, because of what Jesus did on the cross.

Pray with me sis: Father today I feel my guilt and my shame, I feel my pain. But Father more importantly, today I remember your goodness. Your goodness to love us so much that you used your son as our Saviour. Father we are grieved by the death of the your son, but most importantly we rejoice because we know it didn’t end here. Jesus would go from death to life in just two days. Father, no grave has a hold of your children all because of Jesus. Jesus has crucified our sins so that we may be with you, and one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess the great name of Jesus. Amen.

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