Hold to God's Unchanging Hand

By Jerjuanna Cecille

She would be preparing to enjoy her 29th birthday with her family. Husband in tow as her kids are patiently waiting to give their mom the best birthday gift she could ever imagine. Her career would be top notch, not having to worry about living paycheck to paycheck, money would be the least of her problems. She would be ,happy and fulfilled. Joy oozing from her pores every time she watched a smile come across her children’s face, it would be by the grace of God that they would even be here. Life would be beautiful and a dream worth living! This is the plan I had for my life, but oh how plans change. How change makes life a little more difficult.

Change can be good, hard, and complicated yet, there is fear in change. New things ain’t always great! Sis, doesn’t it seem like every time you get comfortable, get use to something, start enjoying who you are a change happens. Or life is depressing and the struggle is real has become your daily slogan. So know that a change needs to happen but this is your normal you can’t just shift like that! It’s a wrestle to see good in hard and complex situations especially if it’s new. It’s frustrating to know that you need to move on but the fear of the unknown is keeping you from doing you!

There is a song that told us this would happen! I didn’t pay attention or heed the warning while I was younger, but as time would change these words are too sweet for my heart cease singing.

Time is filled with swift transitions, nothing on earth unmoved can stand, build your hopes on things eternal!

Hold to God’s unchanging hand!

Isn’t it sweet to know that God is the same yesterday, today , tomorrow, now and forever! That our Lord doesn’t change with the winds, that God controls them. That God’s nature is a true thing. His essence is without reframe. That we can trust in Him who will not leave us. Whatsoever years may bring, even if earthly friends may forsake you or dreams don’t pan out as they came. That life has changed every year you’ve been alive and living just feels mundane. Still closely to God you can cling!

To hold the hand of our Creator when transitions has brought you to your knees or elevated you a throne that is not your own. It’s joy everlasting, comfort without conditions, peace that is a certainty, life worth living that goes beyond your wildest dreams.

To know that in my singleness, childless, workaholic, ever changing, transition shifting life, that my Savior, my God loves me the same as the first time I grabbed hold to Jesus’ hand and that in this place will be my forever familiar place to rest. That I can hold to God’s unchanging hand.

Malachi 3:6

"For I, the LORD, do not change; therefore you, O sons of Jacob, are not consumed.

Hebrews 6:17

In the same way God, desiring even more to show to the heirs of the promise the unchangeableness of His purpose, interposed with an oath,

Pray with & for me sis: Lord we ask that you help us to never forget that you are unchangeable! That even in the midst of an ever changing world, when growth is painful, constant, and new, that you will be our forever familiar refugees! We praise you and love you Lord! In Jesus Name Amen!

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