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The Great Dani Brewer

By Aiden Willis

Dani Brewer was one of those people that I knew of college and wanted to be friends with, but in my mind she was way too cool to be friends with me. So when she hit me up in my instagram dm’s asking to be friends about a year ago I was so excited about it. Since then I have watched Dani grow in Jesus and it has been such a joy to walk alongside her. Dani is one of those people who is easy to get along with. She is kind, hilarious, loves the Lord, and is super spontaneous...oh did I mention how talented she is? Dani is the beautiful Black woman behind the photos on the website and what you’ve been seeing posted all on your Instagram timeline. She is a photographer based out of Memphis, TN. Dani has shot weddings and people all over the world, and we are so honored that she blessed us with her time and creativity. Through Dani’s photography, you definitely see how God beautifully and uniquely created all of His children. We wanted to spotlight Dani and give her the opportunity to share why what she does what she does and how it impacts her.

Why are you passionate about photography?

I’ve always wanted to help people. In college, I thought I’d be helping people physically, in the medical field. But I was introduced to photography while abroad & realized I could make an impact on people’s lives in a totally different way with it. I discovered that with photography I can tell a story, meet new people, use the time throughout each session to help couples connect and have fun, and give them meaningful images that reflect their relationship. This is what keeps me going - hearing people say that their images perfectly represent them, make them appreciate the life stage they’re in, and also makes them feel beautiful.

What inspires you as a photographer?

Music and movies are two big creative sources of inspiration for me. I’m always listening to music and I play music during shoots. Sometimes I see a scene in a movie and try to recreate the vibe by posing in my own way during a shoot. I’m also super inspired to keep shooting because of the people I meet. I believe that everyone should feel seen, beautiful, and that their existence matters. I know photographs doesn’t make them matter more - they matter because they’re here, but sometimes seeing themselves in a new way (being professionally photographed) helps solidify that thought for them. I’m inspired by telling stories that need to be told. While I mostly photograph couples & weddings, i also like to document humanity in the raw and realness that it is. I have a few documentary style stories that I work on each year for the sake of telling I heard stories.

Dani, sis, we are grateful for women like you. We pray you continue to use your gift to show more of Christ and be boldly YOU!! We see Jesus in and through you sis! Keep shining like the Queen you are!


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