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Unique Response

By Jordan Scales

for many responses not worth my time

they acquire most of my energy.

when I should require for things

and people of importance

where does the energy of my response go?

is it hidden in the surprise of the depth of


maybe squandered on things

that create happiness

for such a small part of time.

but where is my unique reaction to Him?

the One who requires the highest energy

of praise

of adoration

of glory

the One who has created me to create the energy

and the desire

to praise Him for simply who He is.

where does my energy go

what hinders me from producing that unique reaction

to someone so sovereign that it decimates everything

that gets in the way of His will.

where is my energy going

why have I given it precedence over Him

in my life?

Whoa. Whew. Let me take a moment. I really called myself out in this poem! Honestly, it takes self-reflection when evaluating where my energy goes. I needed to take a moment, look at my actions, and evaluate what my actions say about me. The world has so much going on in it. We can easily keep up with what goes on through social media. We can interact more online, watch many reality shows, and look at an array of things at the touch of our fingertips. Most times, a lot of our time can be consumed in social media, television, and videos.

But the question is- should these things acquire majority of our energy? And if they currently take up majority of our time and energy, is it meaningful or serve a purpose to represent God?

The line where I call out my actions by saying that I don’t give the things and people that should have my energy is really important. How many times do we overlook people and even alone time with God to do the things that we want to do?

Let’s talk about praise and worship.

Here is one of my favorite verses, one that I wrote on my mirror so that every time I took a look at myself I remembered this Psalm:

As the deer pants for streams of water,     so my soul pants for you, my God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.     When can I go and meet with God?

Psalm 41:1-2

How great it is to thirst for God! Knowing that we need him and he is the only one who could quench this thirst. Are we thirsting for God or for the world? Is our energy going towards the world and what it has to offer? Or is our energy going to God and fulfilling our purpose in him?

At the time I wrote this poem, my energy was going more towards the world. I was trying to create a name for myself instead of adopting the name that God gave me (dearly beloved) and proclaiming HIS name. Now look, I’m not saying you have to read the bible all day and walk the streets evangelizing to everyone you see. It is important in our Christian walk to be about what we say we are about. Especially with us being black evangelical women, our faith is presented to believers and non-believers through our actions.

In James 2:18 says, “ But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.”

Do our actions and deeds match up with who we claim to be? When people see us are we set apart by our deeds or are we camouflaged with the rest of the world?

This starts with self-reflection and prayer for a better connection with God. Ask him to give you the desire to get in the word, to pray, to be around community. Life happens and we choose not to do these things. But God is a gracious and loving God. He will accept us with open arms just as he did with me once I solemnly realized that I didn’t make room for God. I encourage us all to reflect on where our energy is going and to redirect more of it to the cause of Christ.

Let’s pray:

We humbly come to you Lord with open hearts. Give us the desire to desire you Lord. Let us know that we cannot become complacent in our walk because you aren’t complacent with us. Help us evaluate where we can make you a priority in our lives and help us remain constant with this priority. Love, your daughter.

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